Maggie Exterior Sofa | Comb 1



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Exterior Natural
Made to order | Choose Seat- and Back Cushion Color
B450 | Tempotest | White
B451 | Tempotest | Beige
B452 | Tempotest | Black
B453 | Tempotest | Mocca
B456 | Tempotest | Taupe
A670 | Michelangelo | White
A673 | Michelangelo | Dark Blue
A674 | Michelangelo | Latte
A675 | Michelangelo | Taupe

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Our Maggie Module Sofa is designed by Sika-Design, and offers endless possibilities. The modules are handcrafted in aluminum and ArtFibre, and can be left outdoor all year round withouth compromising the quality.

This sofa combination consists of three corner modules and two center modules. It includes 6 back cushions and 5 seat cushions.

In the Maggie-series you also find a pouf module that can either be used with a cushion as a seat, or with a glass tabletop that transforms it into a practical side table.

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Weight: 26 kg | 0 lbs *

* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on