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A guide to our B2B Shop

In our B2B Shop you can place orders, view open orders, open invoices, check stock levels, and find expected delivery dates for sold-out products.

You can also find EAN lists with all information needed to sell our products online.

A direct link to the B2B Shop is found in the upper right corner on our website. If you do not already have a B2B login, you can contact us by email, and we will create one for you.

Below you will find a guide to the smart features of the B2B Shop.

Please note that prices in the screenshots might be outdated.

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In the B2B shop, our products are divided into "Indoor Furniture", "Outdoor Furniture" and “Interior & Accessories".

For each product, you can view stock status or expected delivery date. Please note that the expected delivery dates describes when we expect temporally sold-out items back in our warehouse in Denmark.

When you click a product, you will get a more detailed 10-week overview. If the product is not in stock within 10 weeks, the expected delivery week will be noted on the far right, as well as expected stock level. Dates outside the 10-week prognose are estimates, and not confirmed, dates.

Orders are processed and shipped in incoming order, where no one is favored. The advantage of placing your order in our B2B shop is that there is no processing time, and that you therefore immediately secure your place in the queue.

Once you have added products to your cart, the different possible delivery dates will appear in the overview. Our system automatically adds expected dates for sold out items. Delivery week will be finally confirmed by our sales department, which will also try to find the best possible delivery for all items shipping together.

In the next step of the purchase, you find a comment section, where you can add a comment in case you have a special request.

Remember to press confirm in the last step of the purchase. You will access a page with a “Thank you” message and your order number.

NB: We experience that some customers have "empty" open orders, and challenges in deleting them. To delete open orders, there must be at least one product in the cart. Then the order is deleted by clicking the delete button at the bottom. If you simply delete the products from the order, the open order will remain in your overview, even if it is empty.

The cushion price is not included in the unit price. It is an add-on you access via the "show cushion" button or if you navigate to the cushion collections.

A pop-up will appear when you click the “Show cushion” button. Remember to adjust the number of cushions, once you have selected your cushion fabric.

On our website you can get an overview of our available fabrics and recommendations of use. You can see our indoor and outdoor fabrics here.

You can find the search function in the top bar.

Here you can search for products by using the article number or the name of the product. It must be spelled correctly, otherwise it will not be able to find what you are searching for.

If you search using the product name, be aware that cushions will also appear in the search result. See the example where five of the products are furniture and two are cushions.

On your personal dashboard you can find your open orders, shopping details, account information and much more.

Once you have received your B2B login, it is important that you check that your account information is correct. If you need to change your information, you can contact us, and we will make the changes.

From the dashboard you can also change your password. When creating a B2B login, we provide your first password, which can then be changed.