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Michel Buffet

Michel Buffet (1931-2024) was a French designer who began designing while still a student in the 1950s. With a degree in engineering and architecture, he took advantage of the best of modern technology to create innovative pieces that combine functionality and aesthetics.

In his impressive career, Michel Buffet has created functional designs ranging from lamps and furniture to airplane cabins and gasoline stations.

Explore our iconic furniture by Michel Buffet


The Pacifique lounge chair was designed by Michel Buffet in 1954. It is handcrafted in rattan with beautiful woven details along the chair's armrests. The original name of the chair was 'Relaxation chair' describing how the lounge chair invites to pure relaxation when leaning back into the big embracing chair.

The Pacifique chair was manufactured, displayed and marketed in 1954 as part of a festival of French creation organized by Galeries Lafayette in Paris. The original model was deposited at SPADEM and bought by architect André Wogenscky, assistant architect at Le Corbusier, for his house of Saint Rémy Les Chevreuses in Paris area.