The quality of good craftsmanship is also marked in our pillowcase, where we draw on great experience and expertise when deciding the shape and characteristics of each pillow.

Since the 1950s, when Ankjær started its furniture production, we have developed adaptive cushions for all our furniture in our own facilities in Rynkeby, Denmark. Our high-quality upholstery and seat cushions are made to order and one is chosen by a nice variety of high-quality fabric and we also produce pillows with your own fabric.

Sika-Design Pillow Filling | Down | 60X60 cm €25,30
Sika-Design Pillow Filling | Down | 50X50 cm €15,50
Sika Design Pillow Filers | 60X60 cm €25,30
Sika Design Pillow Filers | 50X50 cm €15,50